New affiliation: job as PHP Developer

Last week I started at Vevida, a hosting company, as part-time PHP Developer. It is my responsibility to look after the website. I’m looking forward to continuously improving it and making sure it serves our customers well.

Alongside working, I’m also still reading Computer Science. So I will be a lot busier from now on! Please keep that in mind when you try to contact me.

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Sense Hofstede

Hello and welcome to my site. I am Sense Hofstede—pronounced [ˈsɛn.sə ˈɦɔf.steː.də]. Grew up in the Dutch province of Friesland, studying International Relations at Sciences Po in Paris. I enjoy reading books, drinking tea and take a particular interest in East Asia, especially China and the Korean Peninsula. In the past I've spend a lot of time volunteering for the Ubuntu project, triaging bugs, writing code and organising. Nowadays I've moved away from the computer obsession which dominated my youth, to focus on history and international politics. For an overview of my experience, please look at my LinkedIn profile.

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